Be one of the first 18-29 year olds in Scotland to be invited for the COVID-19 vaccine by registering online at


If you are due your 2nd vaccine and are in your 11th week and have not yet heard from Caird Hall then you can contact the Second Vaccine Enquiry Number 01382 423108 and where you can contact the team direct. Please be aware that it can take up to 2 days to get a response and is not an immediate service.


• Caird Hall City Square DD1 3BB
o Parking is free for DCC car parks at present, nearest is
o Gellatly St,
o Greenmarket,
o Olympia Yeaman Shore

• Accessibility info: Castle Street & Crighton Street at the side of the venue are protected for Disabled Car parking and there is traffic management, with marshalled drop-off points also.

• Access via front of Caird Hall (Slessor Gardens), with a route mapped out for those with mobility issues.


A quiet area for vaccination within the Caird Hall has been identified for those who may find the main hall overwhelming. This area will be accessed via the Marryat Hall entrance, again a quieter entrance, and those requiring this will just need to inform the stewards outside who will direct them. People can take a carer if this helps them. Some choose to use the sunflower lanyard to help identify that they have an additional need.

Castle Street is protected for Disabled Car parking and there is traffic management, with marshalled drop-off points also in Crighton Street (no waiting). Access is via the front of the Caird Hall (no access via Slessor Gardens), with a route mapped out for those with mobility issues.

For those with additional accessibility needs, the Caird Hall Duty Vaccination Lead can be contacted in advance of attending to explain the set up further, to offer reassurance and make provision for assistance.  If this is required, please contact the Practice for the relevant contact number.

Examples of where this might help specific people:

• the person is being accompanied by a carer & further info required to best meet the needs of the person being vaccinated & reassure carer

• the person feels a quick chat re the Caird set up is of merit as they have mobility issues, a learning disability, mental wellbeing issue and/or other issue affecting accessibility

• to summon support when arriving at City Square e.g. wheelchair, before entering Caird


Remember it takes 2-3 weeks for the vaccine to provide protection, and you require both doses for maximum protection. It is not known whether it stops you spreading the virus to others so please stick to the rules and help stop spread in the communities.

We appreciate your patience & support with this matter due to the evolving daily vaccine availability; we are continuing to work hard to ensure prompt vaccination of our community.


Covid-19 vaccination status scheme launched (23/05/21)

  Please do not contact your GP Practice to ask for a Covid vaccination passport or status certificate please use the link below to access the Scottish Government Vaccine Portal.

This will provide evidence of any Covid-19 Vaccine appointments and vaccinations

You will be able access your Covid-19 Vaccine Status online, by logging on to

·         People who have lost or forgotten their username or password will be able to create new ones by selecting 'forgot username' or 'forgot password' options. A Freephone Covid Status Helpline will allow people to get the record posted to them.

·         It can be contacted on 0808 196 8565.

·         The Scottish Government continues to urge a highly cautious approach to international travel, given the risk of new variants. The four UK Chief Medical Officers have said that green-list status should be the exception, rather than the rule, with countries added to the list only where there are very good reasons for doing so.

  If you are intending to travel abroad you should:

·         check the entry requirements for your destination country on the UK foreign travel advice pages

·         get up-to-date information from the website of your destination country

·         check the re-entry requirements for your return to Scotland

·         only request a vaccination record if it is absolutely required and you are due to travel in the next 21 days

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